Out of The Pan Into the Fire

University of Iowa Partnership in the Arts

Direction Dominique Serrand

Lighting for Theatre 

Lighting for theatre has always been  a rewarding, creative endeavor for me. I began to be interested in lighting as a young dance student. Being in performances, I was very intrigued by what was happening to create the environment where the performances took place. As a lighting designer for theatre, I find inspiration in being a part of creating those environments.

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Distilled Vinegar

University of Iowa Department of Dance

Choreography Zoe Bennett

Lighting for Dance

With a life long dance background, I feel at home lighting for dance. Being able to help fulfill a choreographer's vision and create an environment for their work is satisfying. I enjoy being a collaborative artist and appreciate many styles of dance.

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Speed of Light

University of Iowa New Play Festival

Direction Ariel Francoeur

Scenic Design for Theatre

Creating an environment for characters to act in and react to is exciting and challenging. I love the collaborative experience when working with a director to bring the world of a play to life. 

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